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Online casinos are a growing market

 It has been announced that skill games application to online casinos is the next thing to hit the market. Reports about survey results showing people’s interest in skill games has produced remarkable results and the online casinos players are hungry for these games.

GamesAccount Global Ltd. in the United Kingdom is holding a seminar titled GIGSE on Tuesday June 14, 2005 at 11:15 a.m. in order to present the interest online casinos have in skill games. Tactics on how to include these skill games onto online casinos will also be presented and the audience number is predicted to be quite big. The GIGSE which stands for the Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Exposition will have audiences from over 40 countries and will be taking place in Montreal, Canada at the Palais des Congres.

This gaming exposition is to take place between June 13 and June 15 and is said to attract gaming professionals and players from all over the world. Founder of GamesAccount Global Ltd., David McDowell states that he is quite amazed wit the amount of people that are interested in skill games. He also stated that the skill games crowd is the same market as that for online casinos and the two working together may produce remarkable results.

Online casinos are a growing market internationally and its revenues are said to be around the $2 billion market and is estimated to be in the $3 billion market by 2006 indicating quite a growth. GamesAccount Global Ltd. has been one of the providers of games for online casinos and they predict the next most in demand games will be the skill games. GameAccount Global Ltd. is the leader in P2P games and P2P games are being considered as skills games. GamesAccount online casinos customers pride the company in the fact that it accommodates more than one language as online casinos players are international. They pride the company on the availability for online casinos players to use different currencies through their games and for the quality of the company’s professionalism.

Online casinos popularity stems in the variety of games and skill games being available will add to that variety. Some skill games that are to be considered to adding to online casinos include paint buckets, skillgammon, cubis, tile city, chess challenge, among others. Surveys taken by online casinos associates have suggested that the interest in skill games online lies in the general population’s new fad with skill games such as crosswords and trivia.

The exhibition in Montreal is said to highlight many factors dealing with online casinos but the skills game factor is quite important. Online casino revenues will also inevitable increase by adding in new games and especially so with skill games as the online players may feel more in control then when playing other online casinos games. As skills games are directly correlated to one’s knowledge, it offers the player a no probability all outlined win situation which to some casinos players is great and the others, problematic.

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