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Welcome to one of the best guides to online casinos for U.S. players. Before we start, let me introduce our website. We have created Online Casinos US Players with one goal in mind - ranking the best online casinos from the prospective of the US players. Why taking the new approach, you ask? Well, there are literally thousands of online gambling guides on the Internet these days, some good, some bad, but all have one thing in common - they all rate the online casinos based on general factors, while none of them take the prospective of one individual country, in this case, the United States. It is a fact that Americans make the largest percentage of the online gamblers today, yet no one is focusing on what would US players want to see in a casino, what needs must be met for the U.S. players to feel comfortable gambling at the online casinos.

 We are a bunch of regular gamblers, both online and offline, so we decided to create this free guide to the best online casinos for and from US players to aid the millions already gambling on the web. Currently we do not charge for this service and in the future may sell a few ads, if hosting proves too expensive, but for now all the online casinos here are free to visit, all the articles are free to read. Well, let's not waste another minute of your time, here is the list of the online casinos accepting US players:

1. Titan Casino US Players: Yes Bonus: $3000

Titan Casino

About Titan Casino:
  • Voted best online casino for US players
  • Offers a gigantic bonus for new players
  • Variety of depositing methods and extremely fast withdrawals of your winnings at this US online casino
  • Knowledgeable and attentive customer service, always ready to help (and they speak English)
  • One of the safest online casinos for US players
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2. Slots Plus  US Players: Yes Bonus: $500 
Slots Plus
About Slots Plus

 As the name of this online casino for US players suggests, it's all about slots here. Hundreds of different slot machines are available to the players, many of them carrying enormous jackpots. It's true that most of the casino players do enjoy playing slots the most and this online casino will not disappoint you. The bonus is great, the casino is safe and honest, all while making it very easy to deposit and withdraw money from you account. All popular table games are also present, but we do recommend to try the slots.

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3. Sun Palace Casino  US Players: Yes   Bonus: $500 
Sun Palace Casino
About Sun Palace Casino

 Are you looking for a good online casino with great sign-up bonus? Sun Palace is the right choice for you. It is powered by RealTime Gaming, one of the leading casino software developers, Sun Palace offers all the casino games RTG had made available to its clients. Naturally the casino allows US players to gamble and is tailored to meet the requirements of even the most picky gambler. You will have fun and enjoy playing at Sun Palace, that's guaranteed.

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4. Las Vegas USA  US Players: Yes Bonus: $500 
Las Vegas USA
About Las Vegas USA

 If you look at the name of this online casino you will get all the information you need. The casino is mainly focused at the USA players and the goal is to bring you as close to Las Vegas style of gambling as it is possible in the virtual world. Play here without any worries, this online casino is owned by one of the most trusted online gambling companies in the world. And add the big bonus offer to all this and we have a winner. Las Vegas, USA and you makes one entertaining combination.

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5. Vegas Casino Online  US Players: Yes   Bonus: $500 
Vegas Casino Online
Vegas Casino Online

 Sadly, this online casino is awesome, but is clearly outperformed by the previous one on our list. The bad thing about Vegas Casino Online is that the casino offers little to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. It boasts the standard RTG-software games, however it is also made for US players, hence the depositing and withdrawal options are quite fast, compared to the rest of the online casinos you may find on the net. Play here only if you've played at the four casinos above and want to carry on receiving that big $500 bonus.

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 Now you have the best list of online casinos for US players.

 So what's up with the online casinos and the USA players, you may ask? Why don't all online casinos allow players from the United States to gamble with them? There is no definite answer to these questions. Many casinos do not allow Americans to gamble with them for different reasons, but from our understanding, a few major factors play a role in the decision. First and foremost, the uncertainty surrounding the legality of online gambling in the United States. The Congress passed a law in the late 2006 called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which prohibited banks from processing transactions to and from online gambling websites. This law was viewed by many as making the online casinos for US players illegal, mostly by gambling companies which are listed on stock exchanges all over the world, especially in the U.K. Those gambling companies (not just online casinos, but sportsbooks and poker rooms, as well), deiced to pull out of the Internet gambling market in the United States and stopped accepting US players. But you can always find more casinos accepting US players by visiting the site. Such companies include Party Poker, Bet 365 and all online casinos based on the PlayTech software platform. Those companies felt it was too risky to go against the U.S. Government while having to answer to shareholders.

 As mentioned above, sometimes the decision to stop allowing U.S. players at the online casinos was not individual, but forced by the software provider (the company which leases the online casino software to the company which operates the casino), as is the case with Playtech. The firm decided to pull out of the USA casino market altogether, which ultimately meant that all online casinos under the Playtech platform were also out of the game in the United States. Some online casinos changed their software, others accepted the withdrawal and pre-oriented themselves towards Europe and other continents. If you want to find a UK online casino list, we recommend this gambling portal. Other websites focusing on casino gambling will try to steer you to the wrong place, so make sure you visit us first for the approved US players casinos.

 And then there were those online casinos which simply decided they did not have the ability to process transactions with US players and ceased serving them. VIP Casino was one of those companies - great online casino, tons of players, but the company did not sustain proper payment processing and closed. Check out this site for more online casinos for USA players, a great gambling news website, as well.

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